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Web Application Developer Los Angeles

Web application designed

High-performing, intuitive and secure web solutions that support business processes and serve users globally.

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Web App Consulting

We provide professional mobile consulting and business evaluation. We determine your goals, obtain requirements, define and prioritize features, plan out the solution architecture, and perform usability testing.

Web App Services

Our expert cross-functional team will guide you through every stage of the software development process – from needs analysis to production – straight to the benefits of automated and improved business operations.

Web App Process

When you sign up with Ontrix’s custom web application development services, you’re partnering with expert application development professionals who know how to deliver what you need.

Web App

Ontrix designs and develops custom apps from the ground up, taking advantage of all the features that make Android the world’s most popular mobile platform.

Web Application Developer Los Angeles

Comprehensive range of web application consulting services.

By building and delivering custom web applications, we help businesses in various domains keep up with the trends and successfully reach their desired audience. Ontrix does not just stick to the beaten track in the custom software development process. Ontrix provides the best QA Testing Los Angeles team to test your web application functionality and performance.For every unique project, our consultants gain valuable insight into the client’s business goals to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation and deliver an individual web product in the end.

Web Application Development Services For You To Select From

Our dedicated cross-functional team will walk you through every stage of the software development process – from needs analysis to production – straight to the benefits of automated and improved business operations.

Web Consulting

Our experts help you envision a web app that addresses your unique needs and translate your vision into detailed requirements. We also assess the project feasibility, provide cost & time estimates, consider suitable architecture, design, and hosting options for seamless software operation and evolution.

Web Development

Our experts help you seamlessly implement a new web application. With a vast pool of skilled IT professionals, we’re ready to satisfy your project’s most sophisticated demands at every stage of SDLC – from needs analysis to support and evolution.

Legacy Software Modernization

Our experts help you improve your existing custom software with the newest web technologies, web design, and development practices. We can re-code or re-architect your legacy software, migrate it to the cloud, add new functionality, and more.

Web Application Development Company in Los Angeles

When you take advantage of our custom web application development solutions, you’re getting an application that’s customized to meet your unique needs specifically. Off-the-shelf applications may not come with all the bells and whistles you need to advance your business into the future, and custom apps work well from mobile devices to content management systems and even e-commerce solutions. Whether you’re an organization looking to upgrade inventory management or need an efficient way for clients to pay their dues, we can develop and design it for you.

Web Applications We Create

Our web application development team of experts brings in over 15 years of domain experience. Numerous web applications are delivered by Ontrix across various industries: healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Enterprise Systems

We build order-, asset-, and process management systems, as well as other web-based enterprise apps that become an intrinsic part of your business workflow. Thanks to our enterprise web apps’ intuitive UI and stable operation, your staff will find more comfort in completing their daily tasks. At the same time, you will enjoy their enhanced performance.

Web Portals

Ontrix develops company- and customer-focused, partner/vendor, learning, healthcare and other types of web portals that unites all the vital functionality in a convenient and easy-to-use way. We ensure that all the multiple features work effortlessly independently, are smoothly coordinated and do not overwhelm their users as a whole.


To improve the online presence of your business, we create e-shops and B2B ecommerce portals, implement cashback services, develop booking and payment systems.

Industry-specific business solutions

Our vast industry knowledge allows us to build solutions that solve business challenges in healthcare, banking, retail, and manufacturing. Working closely with the clients, Ontrix’s BAs define their needs and devise effective automation tool concepts. Our designers and developers implement these concepts and integrate them with existing systems.

The 8D Process of Creating a Custom Web Application

When you sign on with Ontrix’s custom web application development services, you’re signing on with professionals who know how to deliver what you need.

In the Discover stage of the project, the team (artists, engineers, content experts, producers … everyone!) works to plan a shared vision of the product. What are the specific product needs? What is the message? What are the learning goals? What are the business goals? Who is the primary audience? Is there a secondary audience? How will that experience differ? What type of experience do we want the user(s) to have? How will we define success for the project? What are the product expectations in the market currently? This is the time to combine creative brainstorming, child development theory, and business savvy, keeping in mind the realities of a project’s budget, timeline, and technical parameters.

Once the team identifies the project’s overarching goals, it’s time to define on paper what that final product will be cleared. At this stage, it’s essential to have a “user-centered” design approach, ensuring the needs of the end-user are met during every step of the interactive experience to be defined. With that in mind, determine individual user’s navigational flow through the product—Spec out the interactions of each screen. Create the functional, design, and technical documentation to define not only what the product will do but how (technologically) it will be achieved. Documentation essentially places a “soft freeze” on the definition of the product and allows a team to move forward with its development.

Throughout the definition phase, many challenges of design are considered. How will the screens look ? How is this product going to be branded? Are there characters? If so, who or what are they? How will they look? How will they interact with the end-user? Is the look of the project to be edgy? Cuddly? Businessy? How will the user navigate through the experience? All questions will be answered during the design stage of the project. This is also where the design team will determine the final look/feel of the project … the project’s style. Through the process of sketches, storyboards and interactive examples, the design team will develop the graphical user interface (or GUI) for the project as well as pull together all needed assets for the final product, including illustrations, animations, photos, videos, and audio.

In this stage, all of the vision, definition, design, and understanding of the project come together. In this stage, the artists, programmers, and content experts work feverishly to create workable, interactive prototypes of the final product. This stage is filled with “alpha” deliverables, small snippets of working prototypes that allow the team to see the project in action. The goal is to build alphas as “solidly flexible” as possible. That is, while you will want the alphas to be solid building blocks for the final product, they also need to be created in such a way that it allows for minor tweaks and adjustments that the development team feels will improve the overall user experience.

The Debug stage is critical in the process of completing a project. As the Debug stage starts, the development team will lock down the functionality for this release of the project and focus on technical issues standing in the way of a successful launch. This version of the project is its “beta” and is functionally complete (everything works!) and content complete (no placeholder art or content). The beta will be tested on various platforms, and any issues (“bugs”) will be identified, cataloged, prioritized, and solved.

The goal of this stage of the project is to take a final look at the product to ensure that all of the bugs previously identified have been addressed to everyone’s satisfaction. Once everyone is in agreement that the product is complete and in good condition, it will be considered “gold.”

You’re done! The final product is released to the target audience and the team begins work on the debrief process (How did development go? What can be done to make the next project work even better? What was the greatest success during the project? What should be done differently?) Capturing this information after a product is deployed can be of great value when you begin to develop your next product.

We provide debugging service and create additional features on an as-needed basis. You receive full help desk support services.

Our Custom Web Application Development Work

Peruse our gallery of web application works to see how we’ve helped our business partners achieve success through organized and intuitive web application design. Through thoughtful development and a rigorous process of testing and design, Our custom web application development company and logo designing company los Angeles has delivered effective results in custom web app development to our customers time and time again.

Collective Approach
Inventory Tracking
Financial Planning
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Web Expertise To Rely On

As a custom software development company, we offer benefits to our customers right from the start. We provide flexible dedicated teams, ensure a transparent development process, and react promptly to changing requirements.

  • Ample experience: Since 2005 in web application development;
  • Business insight: ~expert professionals with extensive knowledge of various industry;
  • Mature processes: Complex architecture planning, high quality coding, and thorough testing;
  • User-friendly UI: Eye-catching and intuitive designs that ensure high user satisfaction;
  • Smooth integration: Web solution integration with ERP, CRM, PLM and other business systems;
  • Profound cooperation: Reliable long-term partnership, continuous maintenance and excellent customer support.


The way we distribute business logic between a front- and backend is individual for every web app. This flexible approach demands skillful and thorough architecture planning, which eventually helps us achieve the necessary balance in interactivity and stability.

Front End

Back End

Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.


For convenient further administration, we offer deployment and customization of a suitable content management system.

Database Development

Whether you already have a database and simply need integration, or cannot decide on your app’s initial database, our specialists are ready to help. ScienceSoft works with all the most widely known SQL and NoSQL databases.

Building | Ontrix

Curious about what it’s like to work with Ontrix?

Hear from clients that partnered with Ontrix for software development, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, and other internet marketing app development services to learn what it’s like to have our team on yours.

– P Jeff Voll

I highly recommend ONTRIX! They are the most kind, patient, and hard working people. I always get great service AND MY FINAL project turned out fantastic. I am very happy and satisfied with my website, NOW. I highly recommend their services for others.

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– Susanna Goltche

I highly recommend ONTRIX! They are the most kind, patient, and hard working people. I always get great service AND MY FINAL project turned out fantastic. I am very happy and satisfied with my website, NOW. I highly recommend their services for others.

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