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Software Consulting Los Angeles


Ontrix’s software consulting services brings together the experience and soft-skills that get your project done right the first time.

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Our Software Consulting Los Angeles Bring More Than Just Expertise To Your Important Projects

Ontrix is here to help you achieve your vision of how your business should operate.  By understanding the complexities and challenges of your company, we design and implement solutions that align your systems and processes with your vision.

Back-End Software

Constructing the logic that your applications depend on to gather and disseminate your important data more efficiently is one of our specialties. Ontrix software consulting services will set you up for the data revolution using whatever technology your requirements demand.

UI/UX & Front-End Software

How you interact with the screen is the side of development that represents you to the world. Whatever the technologies required to make your system user-friendly, data responsive, and employees more efficient, Ontrix software consulting services have you covered.

Development Operations (DevOps) Software

We bring together people, processes, and products in a continuous loop of delivery, testing, and deployment. Together, Ontrix software consulting services get your product up and running in a format that is fast, efficient, and designed to fit the changing world.

Project Delivery leadership

Ontrix software consulting services bring more to the project than just development. Being a software consultant is having the ability to lead a project, no matter the methodology, while balancing the soft skills to mentor, engage, and leave you successful and ready to take over.

Release Management

Ontrix software consulting services manage the entire process from planning and scheduling to every stage within the build process, including design, development, testing, and deployment. Stay on track with us.

Quality Assurance (QA)

In addition to rigorous automated developer testing, our QA consultants focus on ensuring application quality through a range of rigorous best practices tests that deliver end products that are ready to deploy and generate results.

Professional Advice To Back Up Your Software Development Decisions

Whether you need help with the new or ongoing web software or mobile development project, Ontrix will work out a tailored strategy, processes, practices, technologies and tools to guarantee your smooth development journey completed on time and on budget.

Web App Consultation

Our web app consultants can analyze, assess and suggest.

Mobile App Consultation

Our mobile app consultants can analyze, assess and suggest.

Software Consulting Services Give You Complete Control

Ontrix’s software consulting services give you complete control by delivering scalable teams of proven full-stack developers and development experts that help you succeed the first time! Whether you have a unique business idea to implement or a business challenge to solve, with Ontrix, you get consulting prior to project kickoff and expert support at all delivery stages.


Software Consulting Services That Impact Your Business

Software Consulting Services Include Front-to-Back — Desktop-to-Mobile — Full-Service Custom Software Development! Whether you need help with the new or ongoing software development project, Ontrix will work out a tailored strategy, processes, practices, technologies, and tools to guarantee your smooth development journey completed on time and on budget. Ontrix also has web application developer Los Angeles to analyze and develop your project.

Custom Software Development

Ontrix’s Custom Agile-based software consulting services consists of all you require to succeed, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment, so your custom software functions the way you want, the first time.

Cloud Application Development

Creating a custom application is one thing; building it for your cloud platform, whether multi, hybrid or single service, is another. Ensure your new software runs faster, links up with other areas of the business, is more secure, and is easier to manage.

Microservices Dev/Architecture

Structure your applications as a collection of loosely coupled services that link together and allow independent updating, scalability, and the opening of doors to new advances


Your data is important. IoT allows you to gather and move this data faster and in a more useful format. Find out how Ontrix can help you use this technology to improve your efficiency and set you up for the future.

Agile / Scrum Leadership

We not only consult and train companies on Agile; we live Agile. That is how we operate our business, manage our day-to-day tasks, and drive client projects to complete success. Tap into our experience and better your entire process with our full-stack consulting team on your next project or an expert that will transform your team.

Legacy System & Software Modernization

Let’s analyze your platform and, together, determine if it should be kept, extended, or replaced based on your business goals and enterprise-level needs. Upgrading your platform gives you access to valuable innovations in technology. Don’t miss out!


Ontrix’s WebAssembly services help you run coded desktop-only applications, written in multiple languages, run on the web, through a web browser, at near-native speeds! You are no longer limited.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

With Ontrix you can implement technology-enabled automation that streamlines and automates complex and potentially error-filled business processes. You will realize efficiencies that save you resources, and you will create data models that affect decisions throughout the organization.

Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital transformation starts with experienced full-stack consultants who can champion change and, in the end, increase efficiency and reduce technical debt.

Subscription/SaaS Conversions

Software as a Service (SaaS) and off-the-shelf applications may work in the short term, but to make them operate the way you want, you will end up creating workarounds and paying more than intended. Let Ontrix create a version that’s your own!

The Improvements Software Consulting Can Bring

Ontrix’s full-stack software consulting services bring together the experience and soft-skills that get your project done right the first time. Well-thought-out software project planning and implementation means:


faster feature delivery

up to%

development and testing cost reduction

up to%

fewer software defects

Project Launch Consulting

We help effectively plan a new software solution (SaaS, desktop, mobile), choose the right techs and designs, estimate time & costs and expected ROI.

Development Process Consulting

We advise you on how to keep a software development process fast, smooth and economically sound.

Enhancement and Integration Consulting

We help augment existing software, improve its value, and enrich with advanced techs (IoT, AI, big data, computer vision).

Software Compliance Consulting

We help you make your software and/or development and QA processes compliant with standards and regulations.

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Who Is Best Fit For This Service?

We are here to help you fulfill your vision of how your business should run. Who is this service for:

  • You want to automate processes that are entirely or partially manually implemented to improve their efficiency and decrease errors;
  • You want to update current systems or fully re-implement those using existing technologies but do not know the best solution for it;
  • You need to build a new application but not confident the IT-specialists (yours or your providers) will develop exactly what you need;
  • you have running applications but you experience difficulties with their audit, support and development because you have no appropriate knowledge or only a few of key specialists have it;
  • You have running applications but you experience challenges with their audit, support and development because you have no required knowledge or only a few of key specialists have it;
  • You are not happy with the performance, scalability, stress-tolerance, security or other quality features of your systems;
  • You want to hold a tendering procedure for building a brand new application and need participants to understand the requirements as fast and accurately as possible;
  • You possess a team of the IT-developers and you want to increase their work efficiency.

Our Industry Experience

We’ve mastered a wide range of industries but have the strongest track record in such domains as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, insurance, logistics, professional services, and education.








The way we distribute business logic between a front- and backend is individual for every web app. This flexible approach requires skillful and thorough architecture strategy, which eventually helps us achieve the necessary balance in interactivity and stability.

Back End

Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Front End


Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.



Click on the platform to learn about our capabilities in it.


Databases / Data Storages


Building | Ontrix

Curious about what it’s like to work with Ontrix?

Hear from clients that partnered with Ontrix for software development, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, and other internet marketing app development services to learn what it’s like to have our team on yours.

– P Jeff Voll

I highly recommend ONTRIX! They are the most kind, patient, and hard working people. I always get great service AND MY FINAL project turned out fantastic. I am very happy and satisfied with my website, NOW. I highly recommend their services for others.

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– Susanna Goltche

I highly recommend ONTRIX! They are the most kind, patient, and hard working people. I always get great service AND MY FINAL project turned out fantastic. I am very happy and satisfied with my website, NOW. I highly recommend their services for others.

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For Sales and Customer Support,

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Discover how Ontrix can help your business grow

Connect with one of our expert strategists to learn how ontrix can help you reach your business goal.

How Our Expert Consultants Can Help

To achieve your vision, we begin with requirements based on the needs of your end-user and our head-start framework, not with a pre-packaged system. From that point, we build software to achieve your vision that functions across many different platforms and then run the system via real-world scenario testing. Next, we help you plan for and manage all aspects of successful implementation. We move forward by advancing your system through ongoing support & evolution services customized to your needs.

Understand the elements of successful software development

Implement pre-project planning, including using our pre-engagement checklists to ensure our time with you is impactful.

Set the project vision, including determining what to leave out, how to get executive sponsorship, set scope targets, and publicize plans and progress.

Build a staffing plan including buildup, organization, and implement tools for areas like time accounting.

Implement requirements development by identifying key end-users, interviewing end-users, building interface prototypes, and utilizing storyboards/prototypes.

At the start of the project, we determine quality assurance practices, including creating a QA plan for defect tracking, technical reviews, system testing, beta testing, and release rules.

Define a software architecture including the characteristics of good architecture, notation, change scenarios/strategy, reuse of analysis, buy vs. build decisions, requirements traceability, and guides a well-staged delivery plan.

Estimate the project, including estimates by milestone targets and burn up/burn down the tracking.

Define the plan for requirements, detailed design, construction, test cases, user documentation, technical reviews, defect correction, risk management, project tracking, integration and release, and field-proven strategies for achieving quality targets.

Create a detailed design including requirements resolution and traceability, construction plan, correction of architecture defects, and testing plan.

Program/construct the application, including defining coding standards, rules for ensuring solid work across team members, daily builds, progress tracking, and a communication plan with customers and management.

Implement and perform system testing, including defining guidelines for test group support of daily builds and using an overall strategic approach to QA.

Create and execute a software release strategy, including determining when to release and tracking of defect counts, defect density prediction/pooling/seeding/modeling.

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