Audio And Visual Company

Audio And Visual Company Labor Scheduling Web and Mobile App

Project Name: Audio And Visual Company Labor Scheduling Web and Mobile App
Client: Video Tech Services
Project Commencement Date: October 2018
Priject Completion Date: December 2020
Project url: Not Public

Client is an Audio and Visual Labor Provider with Headquarters in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Orlando. The main goal of developing the website and mobile app is to provide a one stop solution for Audio and Visual Services, their clients and technicians to coordinate labor for an event.

Clients needed a solution to automated and streamline the workflow of the company’s audio and visual services to reduce paper usage, and remove repetitive and redundant tasks. 

At the time of consulting with clients, we found out that they were using excel sheets, sticky notes, and folders and an outdated custom Mini CRM to track technicians and manage live events. What they needed was an all-in-one system to prevent any information from getting lost in track.

The Challenge

They wanted their techs to be able to communicate in a faster way, or they wanted a system to schedule automatically etc. The Client had multiple major challenges and paint points in their current system and workflow.

  • FINANCIAL LOSS: Coordinators had multiple scheduling policies which caused loss of income when calculating technicians hours and pay manually using excel sheets. It also used up more of the coordinators time to calculate and recalculate for accuracy.
  • TECHNICIAN AVAILABILITY: Coordinators had trouble knowing which technicians were available, unavailable or already booked for another show. Technicians were getting frustrated in being called multiple times in regards to their availability.
  • TRACKING TECHNICIANS AT EVENT: Coordinators had trouble tracking  which technicians were at the event on time, late, who was absent.

Strategy and Solution

Ontrix provided a solution to create a system that included both a web and mobile app. In the web based solution, clients had an option to create events and schedule technicians from the system. In the event system, the scheduling policies were implemented to help accurately calculate the pay for the technicians which saved coordinators and accounting time. The system also kept entries of technicians along with their calendar allowing the client to quickly identify which technicians were available. If a technician was not available, the client simply updated the technician calendar. In the mobile app, the technician also had the option to mark themselves as unavailable. The Technician mobile app was also used to help coordinators track technicians scheduled at the event and ensure the event went smoothly. A Coordinator App was also created to help coordinators track technicians while they were at the event themselves.


The Web App and Mobile App solutions that Ontrix has provided us has allowed us to work much better as a company and collaborate much better with our staff. Ontrix has helped us throughout the whole process to build the Web Application and Mobile application. Ontrix had regular meetings with us to ensure that our business needs were being met. The APPs help us save a tremendous amount of time and money. Our staff is very happy with the APPs. The fact that we do not have to remember the scheduling policies, hours, and calculating pay has saved us time and money. The algorithm implemented in the Event Scheduling portion of the app works automatically and accurately.

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