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What Our Clients Say About Us On Youtube

Joe Kennedy| Notary Services
“I do business in North Hollywood. Ontrix helps people find me and they come to me, this allows me to grow my presence in the area to other potential customers within 5 or 10 miles of me. Try it. It works!”
Digital Marketing
Susanna| The Life Coach
Our Custom Website Design client Susanna: “I completely and absolutely love it”
Website Design
Stanley | The Letip Master
The great thing about our website is that it’s functional, it’s easy to navigate. People can go to the website and have a good experience and this is because of the designers and the people that run Ontrix.
Website Design
Judi | Interior Designer
They held my hand throughout the whole process. Helped me select the right photos.
Website Design
Adrienne | Audience Casting Company
I have found that i can talk with anyone in that company and they will know our website and they will know how to help us even if our specialist is not available.
Digital Marketing, Website Design
Michelle | The Thrilled Client
In my experience working with ontrix, I find them to be extremely professional, extremely quick and really knowledgeable in their field.
Digital Marketing
Johnny | The Electrician
If i had any questions and called her up she answered the phone every single time, that was wonderful. I’m totally stoked and I just can’t wait to see the reactions from this, thank you !
Website Design
The Mortgage Banker | Thankful Client
I never explored that avenue of marketing, and it has brought me a tremendous amount of business, so I am extremely thankful.
Digital Marketing
Rafi | The Auto Body Shop Operator
They examined what the competition is doing and they optimized my website. I’ll tell you it seems like it’s something extremely high-end for my shop, I’m more than pleased with it.
Website Design

What Our Clients Say About Us On Yelp



Highly Recommend Ontrix, they were great with on boarding and explaining how they would help us grow and expand our business organically and have truly been a pleasure to work with. They are also excellent graphic designers as they made   Read more...

Cameron D.



I have been working with Ontrix for several years by now. They designed, maintain, and host our website, including the mobile version. They do SEO and other promotional work, as well as offer prompt technical support and problem solving when   Read more...

Yami A.

348s (1)


I recently opened up a new business and thought I had done everything I needed in order to have a noticeable online presence, by getting signed up on social media pages. What I did not realize was that my business   Read more...


348s (2)


This office was there to help my family business get started on the internet because our business did not have a website and Nes helped get my family exactly what we were looking for. Their support is by far the   Read more...

Marc T.

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Ontrix online marketing solutions are what helped my business grow. I've used many services that just make claims but Simon is the real deal at the Ontrix SEO. Give him a call and he will break it down to you   Read more...

Ivette M.

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These guys are amazing! In a time where most people act like they know how to make things work, but really don't-this company stand out- for not only their knowledge of this industry, but for their professionalism! They put so   Read more...

Rodents Stop S.

What Our Client Say About Us On Google


I highly recommend ONTRIX! They are the most kind, patient, and hard working people. I always get great service AND MY FINAL project turned out fantastic. I am very happy and satisfied with my website, NOW. I highly recommend their   Read more...

Susanna Goltche


I met Nes about 2 years. At that time my website was down and Godaddy was not able to help me. A friend introduced me to Nes. Ontrix helped me gain access to website again and set me up with   Read more...

Jeffrey Medovoy


Nes Nasim is a key business partner of mine because of his expert knowledge of digital marketing. New customers find me through Google search engines because of their marketing strategy. It's that simple   Read more...

Joe Kennedy


Ontrix designed and built my website. It allows me to be a real business for my clients. My clients use my web site to search properties that are really available in real time(unlike Zillow who's web browser updates periodically).My clients   Read more...

Todd Trites


My dad needed help on his ebusiness online and these guys realllyyyyyyyy came thru!. It was more than we ever expected as they walk you through each step and show you examples of what they can do. thx guys!   Read more...

Suguishi Chan


I had another company in West Los Angeles working on my e-commerce website. The shopping cart pages, more specifically in the check out pages the information filled out was not submitting. I contacted GoDaddy my hosting company to see if   Read more...

Clarissa Armendarez