Custom Software

Custom Business Solutions To Accelerate Growth

At Ontrix, we develop custom software solutions that allow firms in a wide range of industries to reach their business objectives.

Our expert developers specialize in writing software applications for businesses that are unable to find commercial software packages to run their day-to-day office operations. We work directly with businesses to identify problem areas and automate the processes with customized software solutions. Not only do we increase productivity by automating manual processes, but our software development also delivers quick financial returns.

Our software developers can help entrepreneurs or individuals who have an internet idea and need a development partner to bring their idea live.  This can be a community based (user generated content) or Ecommerce idea.

From content management systems to online shopping carts, the experts at Ontrix can build software applications that meet the needs of any business.

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The Process

Software development is the process of defining, designing, testing, and implementing a new software application or program.
We create for you a clear vision of your solution. Along with product management and business analysts, we prepare functional and technical specifications, establish wireframes and a detailed plan, and define the sprints and estimations.
More fun, more profit. We create a comfortable user experience, so you can easily manage your business.
Coding is the bread and butter of our seasoned developers. Your solution is designed with functionality and fast memory usage in mind.