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Customer relationships are instrumental to the success of your business. Ontrix is committed to providing best-in-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) developments and technologies that augment your sales, marketing and business processes through valuable insights in consumer behavior.

At Ontrix, we first evaluate the scope and unique features of your business, and only then turn up with a solution that would best suit your business goals. Our expert CRM development and implementation services help you drive consistent and measurable growth in everyday business processes.

Our consultants specialize in working with all the major open source and proprietary CRM software. We possess a deep understanding of CRM modules and are adept at configuring and customizing solutions to suit the needs of our clients.

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The CRM Development Process

The CRM Development process is of defining, designing, testing, and implementing a new software application or program.
We create for you a clear vision of your solution. Along with product management and business analysts, we prepare functional and technical specifications, establish wireframes and a detailed plan, and define the sprints and estimations.
More fun, more profit. We create a comfortable user experience, so you can easily manage your business.
Coding is the bread and butter of our seasoned developers. CRM solution development, configuration and customization.


  1. A user logs into his CRM account to his homepage.
  2. At the top of the page are the tabs which gives quick access to Accounts, Contacts, Tickets, Leads, Shared Calendar, Saved Email Templates, Business opportunity/Deals, To-Do’s etc.
  3. User tracks the business information that is more important to him in the Dashboard. The business calls he needs to make, Accounts assigned to him, open Leads, Unassigned leads and the discussion made with his colleagues on the leads.
  4. Left Navigation menu make it easy to create a ticket, lead, call, meeting or to add a business opportunity.
  5. Shortcuts on the left menu helps make a quick work of viewing and assigning a ticket or a lead.
  6. Search the CRM for any information using a keyword, Name, phone number or email.


  1. Access Accounts quickly through the tab on top of the Dashboard.
  2. Basic information on all the accounts like account name, Assigned member for the account, Account type, Priority can be viewed on the Manage accounts page.
  3. Add, View, Edit or Delete accounts in the Manage Accounts page of the CRM.
  4. Create an account easily by the shortcut provided in the left navigation menu
  5. Search for an account by keywords or based on the active /inactive status.
  6. Search tool also helps to find all accounts assigned to a particular team member.
  7. View, edit or delete accounts easily through the icons on the Manage Accounts page.
  8. Additional features are provided to export all the accounts or contacts to Excel


  1. Access Contacts page through the tab on top of the page.
  2. Add, Edit, Delete or search a contact in the manage Contacts section of the CRM
  3. Export contacts from this page easily to Excel.

Shared Calendar

  1. Access Shared Calendar by the tab on top of the page.
  2. Create or view scheduled call or meetings for a team member or for yourself in the shared Calendar page.

Saved Email Templates

  1. Email Templates save you time when you regularly send emails to your clients or leads.
  2. Create, View, Edit or Delete an email Template in the CRM.

Business Opportunity/Deal

  1. Create, View, Edit, Archive or Delete a business opportunity or deal.
  2. Link a business opportunity with existing account or lead.

Todo/Task Manager

  1. Create, view, edit or delete a to-do assigned to you or a team member.
  2. Assign a to-do to a team member.
  3. Link a to-do to an account, ticket, project or lead
  4. Search To-do’s either by keyword, Priority or due date.
  5. Quickly access a open, completed, cancelled or deferred to-do’s from the left navigation menu.
  6. Keep track of the time taken to complete a task for billing purposes.


  1. Create, View, Edit or Assign a project in the Manage Projects page of the CRM
  2. Shortcuts on the left menu allows a user to view the projects based on their status open, closed or pending.
  3. Easy access to To-Do Templates on the left menu helps the user to create a to-do for himself or another team member.
  4. Search bar helps find a project based on the keyword.
  5. Search function also helps find out all the projects assigned to a particular team member.

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