Bing Advertising

Bings Ads Feature
Bings Ads Feature
  • Keyword Analysis & Development
  • Targeted Ad Creation
  • Comprehensive Bidding Strategy & Budget Management
  • Landing Page & Conversion Rate Consultation
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Campaign Structure Optimization
  • Ad Testing
  • Conversion & Call Tracking
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Analysis
  • Regular Meetings with a Dedicated PPC Manager
  • Detailed Monthly Reports

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Higher-value audience not found on Google

Bing Advertising boasts higher positioning, less bidding competition, and generally a lower cost-per-click.

Not all roads lead through Google. Despite their wide presence not everyone that uses the internet uses Google. The most used alternative to Google is Bing, Microsoft’s offering in the world of search engines. There are a few compelling reasons not to sleep on Bing and get your business advertised there.

In the United States (2018) Bing holds 6.01% of the search engine market share, and 2.8% worldwide. With an estimated 1.3 Billion million monthly visitors to Bing worldwide, it’s a market share that can’t be ignored. This in spite of Google’s dominance of the space. By not running your campaign through Bing your missing out on millions of eyeballs in the United States.

There are more reasons than sheer numbers to run your ads through Bing or alongside your Google ads. This can be a matter of targeting specific groups of people who are more likely to use Bing over Google, or just a matter of finances. Bing ads tend to cost less than their Google counterparts. You could also want to run Bing ads because of the demographics that use the search engine. The majority (38%) of Bing users earn a yearly income of over $100,000. This isn’t that surprising when you consider that 38% of Bing users are between the ages of 35 and 54. Let Ontrix help you with your advertising campaign today

What Are Some Benefits Of The Packages?

Our Bing Advertising packages are cost effective and Ideal for any business looking to increase their marketing presence online.

  • Ads On Bing Are Less Expensive Than Google
  • Less Bidding Competition
  • 16 Years Of Experience In The Online Space
  • No Long-term Contract
  • Higher engagement and conversion rates
  • Improved device targeting

of Americans

Use Bing instead of Google as their search Engine of choice. (Source:

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Bing users are 21.5% More Likely

to spend than the average web searcher. ( Source: )

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15 Billion

searches are made on Bing Every Month ( Source: )

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bounce rate for traffic generated by Bing. ( Source: )

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